Thursday, November 15, 2007

Chlly Willy

Thanks to Google Images for this blue lobster photo. Saw one today at Seabrook Station in the Science and Nature center where we met for Leadership Teacher- the one there is called Chilly Willy and he really was blue like this guy. Way way cool!
I looked it up and they say it is similar to being an albino in people- and VERY rare.
Had a great day- we walked around the power station and got to go inside where the generator and turbines are that make power from the nuclear side of the plant (which we didn't get to go into). That room was SOOOOOOO hot. First time I ever went through a security sensor for explosives, had a hand scan to let me in and also a radiation scan to leave the plant. The cement baricades and barbed wire were pretty impressive too...all security thanks to 9/11. Learned a lot, and I love doing things like this- I am such a geek. I guess I can add this to the museum of the month for November- never made it anywhere in Sept. or it was just for fun anyhow.
The lobster though- was a high point of the day. Its nice to have a great day after the way I felt yesterday.

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