Saturday, November 17, 2007


I'm getting to watch Wed. night's Project Runway. My favorite show! Thank goodness for this Direct TV recorder receiver. I can't wait to see the personalities and what they do for clothes.
Katie and I went out and spent cash today- bought food-since the larder in my kitchen was about empty. Also, getting the family for turkey day, so bought a 17+ pound turkey. Yummy. I love to eat Thanksgiving dinner. Picked up a couple of Christmas gifts too. I am going to finish my shopping early this year- and pay cash too! That's my plan. Let's see if I can actually do that.
Tomorrow I need to pick up CLUTTER- going to have to do some studio cleaning out to set up a bed for Mom when she comes and spends next weekend with us- need to de-clutter my downstairs, want to get some stuff out into the addition and get the holiday things down from the attic-not that they are going up must get through turkey day first. (Although Katie and I did listen to Christmas music all the way to Nashua and back!)

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