Tuesday, November 27, 2007

so much for conservation

Yesterday and today I have been DRIVING. Yesterday I went to work, drove home early (worked only a half day), drove to Wolfeboro 20 minutes north to get Katie at school, drove back to Portsmouth (45 minutes SE of here- also where I teach) so we could go to allergist- drove home, drove Katie and our neighbor to driver's ed- a 30 minute drive each way- worse in the heavy rain and thick fog. UGH. Today I drove to work, drove home at the end of the school day, drove Katie to driver's ed so she could drive- drove the 15 minutes to Wolfeboro, stopped and got a pizza for dinner, picked her up at the Wolfeboro driver's ed stop and then drove the 25 minutes home. How many miles was that? Wish I had kept track.
What a week!
Although Sunday I stayed home and put out some of my holiday decorations (photos to follow at another time), since back to work its been back to the run around- no art time, and with mom here over the weekend I had hardly any art time. Maybe tomorrow, maybe not. At least I had a good unload with my dept. head today- she's a good listener, so I feel good about that...and my school day was pretty good...so I guess I won't complain. I'm going out to the hot tub and we're watching our recording of the Amazing Race once Davey-Man gets home from work- which should be shortly.
Let's see what tomorrow brings- since I thought it would be a quiet week except for Monday- which I knew wouldn't be....but the rest of this week....Makes time fly by. That's for sure.

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