Saturday, December 15, 2007

More winter and more fun

Its been a wild couple of day since Wednesday's post about my day in Manchester. Thursday we went to the Boston Museum of Science on our annual semester field trip with the Biology kids. Our principal didn't want us to go as we were suppose to get SNOW (again) but we said it wasn't going to start till 4 and if we left early we'd be back- well, we did leave early (after having the museum to ourselves practically) but the snow moved in early and it took us almost 3 hours to get back to Portsmouth instead of the usual 1 hour. The roads were terrible!!!!!!!! That's an understatment. Dave picked me up in Portsmouth as I left my car at a friend's since he had the truck with 4 wheel drive, and traffic never got over 20 miles an hour and it took us almost 3 hours to get back home- now it was 7:30.
By yesterday- all calm, and after school went shopping with my friend Joanne and then a bunch of us science dept. folks went out for Deb Quinn's 50 th birthday- no photos to show you- probably just as well, we went to the VFW to see the Groovetones- another woman from school is in this band- and they were good-played 50's and 60's music- danced- but the VFW wasn't any fancy club and many of the folks there were old- we were the youngest people there I swear-but it was fun. Deb took all the photos- should be a riot when I see them. Late night-not home until 11:30, after getting up a little after 4:30...
Anyhow- today its Saturday- more snow-major storm they say- due tomorrow- and today I cleaned- did some decluttering- have a cold- wen to the store with Katie to get groceries and Stonewall Kitchen for a few small gifts (THINK I AM FINISHED!!!! now I just need to wrap) and Staples to get posterboard for Katie....
Hope you like the photos I took of my tree...have some more things to photograph and put onto the computer...just 1 week and it is finally holiday break!

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