Tuesday, December 4, 2007

walking in a winter wonderland

And taking photos.
These are from yesterday when we were off from school and I could out to take them during the daylight.
From my gardens and my yard.

Trying to get out of my slump- hit me driving home today- after the car dealers- my tire had a low pressure light- the pressure was down but they couldn't find anything in it...anyhow- didn't make it to the PO to mail my ebay items and I feel really bad about this...I am soooo repsonsible and when I can't follow through-even though I couldn't make the PO to get them mailed because of my tire. Responsibility isn't a bad thing but I feel like I'm too that- too boring, too scared to listen to myself and leave teaching (please don't remember me as a teacher-I'm not proud I've been doing it for so long), wish I'd come from a less conservative family- because I have never fit in with them-they see me as this crazy wild and stupid thing because I don't see the world in such a narrow way they do. (Not that they're bad people). And I'm not wild when you put me next to normal people. Wish I wasn't me tonight- and isn't that silly since I've been me for 47 years and should know better by now, w ish I had more courage not to be so worried to having to do the right thing- staying at my job for the health insurance...really wish I could toss it and just venture out and try something new. Read other blogs, people do things and acheive things I wish I could, and I'm almost jealous...why did destiny put such a dull boring roll on me? Why can't I ever have acheived things I want to be rather than what I end up with- am I so ignorant of myself? No, what I want is not what I am capable of, but what I am I detest. Why did I have to be me?
OK, enough whining on the internet for the whole world to read. Pull it together- now that I've unloaded and unloading does make you feel better...can't change who you are underneath (and that is the problem...)
Enjoy my winter photos-they are awesome and I am so proud of them. (something I'm good at that I actually want to do)Yahoo!

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