Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Came home from work and set about reading. Had 75 pages of my 973ish page book Pillars of the Earth left. And I finished it!! Enjoyed it too. Problem with long books is they take forever to get through when school's in session. Been reading this since around Thanksgiving, with a break to read Water for Elephants which was December book club's book.
Now I can get to my other reading. Today found a discarded copy in the school library of Maeve Binchy's novel Tara Road. Don't think I've read that one, and haven't read any Maeve Binchy in a long long time. Should be a quick read, but hopefully enjoyable since I have now been to Dublin where the book is set. I like to read a book about a place I can somehow relate too- not that I use that as a rule to pick books because its great to expand your mind and get to be other people in other places- those unfamilar. Anyhow, before I get too deep or too confusing, I liked her other books; they're light reading, nothing to work my brain too hard-especially since exams are next week.
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