Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My quilt-finally finished

Its finished! Its on my bed. This is my quilt that I made. First ever quilt- and I admit its a bit on the rough side- not all these perfect sized squares, but I love it. I think maybe some horizontal strips would have been nice, but I still love it. Its my quilt. Looks great on my bed.
Finished the quilt Sunday, and finished some Valentine's for a swap I'm participating in. Will post those later when Feb 14th is in sight. Unfortunately still have these hives- tonight my bottom lip is all puffed up as is under my left eye. Look like I was punched a few times. I really don't like having these hives. I just puff up and look like a raspberry at anytime. Never seem to know. With chronic hives like this they don't even know what causes it- and I certainly can't be certain- or why they go away after awhile.
So read another book in my pink spotted state- my next bookclub book- The Double Bind by Chris Bohjalien (I hope I spelled that right- if not, sorry Chris). Enjoyed it, though I figured out the end before I got there. Not to give myself too much credit, I was close to the end when I figured it out.
Otherwise saw Juno over the weekend- enjoyed that movie. Was worried it would be a teen movie (so much like work for me), but it wasn't. It just starred a teen but was a real life movie. Did some more scrap pages from Ireland, Dublin is done and am now doing a journal of our visits south of Dublin- not much done but a bit. At work we started new classes yesterday- so now I am getting to know lots of new faces.
Always an adventure, isn't it?

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