Monday, January 14, 2008

My Top 100 List

Oh, a snow day. Since you can't count on having one, its always a pleasant surprise when it arrives(even the 4:30 a.m. call to say no school is GREAT). And, it makes for a mellow day, though I am going to go out and start filling the drawers on the little rolling cabinet Barbara gave me for Christmas.
So last night with the help of my family- since they remember movies I like I may not be thinking of- I came up with my top 100-well, I got to 87 as of right now. I also grouped some-like the first 3 StarsWars from the 70's-80's, since they go together in my mind. Here it is. I will say it is not in any particular order except how it came to mind or got mentioned, and some of these are movies I loved as a child (and still hold a place in my heart) and some are very recent. Some are great films, some are silly, but they are movies I really like and would place in my top 100. I'm also sure there will be some changes with time. There's also movies I like but didn't include in my top 100 like the first 2 Spiderman films or the French film 8 Women. Don't think this included TV shows or TV movies like masterpiece theatre- but maybe.
Here I go:
2-Gone with the wind
3-African queen
4-Stars wars episodes 4,5,6
5-Indiana Jones 1,2,3
6-The Ninth Gate
7-Sweeney Todd
8-The Graduate
9-The gods must be crazy
10-The hitchhiker’s guide to the universe/galaxy
11-Johnny English-hey. its fun
12-The Flame Trees of Thika
14-Immortal Beloved
15-The red violin
16-A Star is born- 1970’s version
17-Wizard of Oz
18-The Fog- 1970’s version
19—Little Miss Sunshine
21-Out of Africa
22-Little Women (1980’s or early 1990’s version)
23-The Jungle Book by Disney
24-Mary Poppins (my first movie in the theatre too)
25- When Harry Met Sally
26-Bread and Tulips
27-the Commitments
28-the Bourne Trilogy
29-the Lord of the Rings trilogy
30-the Sound of Music
31-Whale Rider
32-Billy Elliot
33-the Full Monty
34-Dangerous Liassons (how do you spell that word?)
35-Gattaca/Outbreak-my biology girl speaking
36-the Truth about Cats and Dogs
37-When Peggy Sue got married
38-pirates of the Caribbean trilogy
39-Erin Brokovich
41-the Mummy, the Mummy Returns, the Scorpion King
42-the Big Chill
43-finding nemo
44-it’s a Wonderful Life
45-the return of the Pink Panther-1970’s
46-The Naked Gun-first one
47-Some Like it Hot
48-Captain Ron- a family favorite
49-Shirley Valentine
50-3 weddings and a funeral
51- Bridget Jones’ diary-1 and 2-1 is better though
52-the Prestige and the Illusionist- love a little Victorian magic
53-Cold Mountain
54-Camelot-1960s one
55- Austin powers-1,2 and 3
56-X files movie
57-Evolution (for a real silly mood)( or a view of David Duchoveny-is that how you spell his last name)
58-Van Helsing
59 -Young Frankenstein
60-Jurassic Park-only the first one
61-Nightmare before Christmas
62-Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
63-Mr. Blanding buys his dreamhouse
64-Butch Cassidy and the sundance kid
65-Something about Mary
67-West Side story
68-National Treasure-first one
69-the Jerk
70-Miss Congeniality-Katie said this one. I might take it off, though its a good flick
71-Legally Blonde-got to love the girl power and the pink here
72-Grease-ok, 1978, my high school graduation year, some teenage flashbacks, but I like it
73-Harry Potter (especially the latest#5)-another Katie mention, but the 5th one is good
74-the old Parent trap with Haley Mills
75-Beauty and the Beast
76-the Little Mermaid
77-the old 1960’s original Love Bug
78-Hunt for Red October and Das Boot- not a big war movie person, but these are good, and they have the Dave factor built in- Das Boot is an excellent mind sticking film
79-on Golden Pond-got to love NH
80-Back to the Future trilogy
81-a Fish called Wanda
82-Guess who’s Coming to Dinner
83-Pollyanna (1960 version) liked it as a kid and shall forever be in my heart for that
84-Bedknobs and Broomsticks-never saw this as a kid but when Katie was one, and I like it a lot 85-cannonball run/weekend at bernie’s-back to my teen time at the movie's and a great early 20's for me
86-American Beauty
87-My Cousin Vinny
and add as I'm thinking here
88-Vanilla sky- not a Tom Cruise fan but I like that film
91- a good James Bond movie- like the last one from 2006- Bond's a hunk but the name???Casino Royale I think
92-My Big Fat Greek Wedding is a great feel good flick

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