Thursday, January 3, 2008

Ramblings on a very cold night

A colorful cloth book I made a couple of years ago but decided to once again try my luck with Sew Somerset. Its been mailed off, and I hope. It would be a great addition to my career list of publications. I also love this book because its bright and fun. I painetd muslin, stamped and stitched. Very different from many of my other projects and I think I should try a few more in this style. Put it on the to do list for 2008.
So far this year's been going along. The kids at school are ready to change classes (just a couple of more weeks). I'm ready too. Found out I am going to National Science teachers Convention in Boston in late March- we made our hotel reservations yesterday for a couple of nights. Should be fun and a nice change of late March pace. Maybe I can even find some time to visit the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum (hopefully I spelled it right too) while there since we're staying down near Fenway which is definately walking distance to that Museum or the MFA.
Also found out we're heading out for a little adventure tomorrow night- going to my sister-in-laws in Maine. Dave, Katie, her 2 cousins, and Dave R. are going skiing Saturday, and my sister-in-law Deb and my mother-in-law Barbara and I are going shopping. We'll be staying there tomorrow night and coming home Sat. night. Should be a fun change of pace, especially since vacation was pretty quiet (but that's exactly how I wanted it and we had a great time off).
Making an apple pie tonight and it smells so good asa its baking. I like these 3 day work weeks, though today kind of dragged and I came home pretty early-journaled, watched last nights Project Runway and then NAPPED. Nothing better.
Very cold tonight, but it will start warming up tomorrow.
And that's my ramblings for tonight.

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