Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Hives again

I have so many hives tonight. Lip, fingers, bottom of my feet, my intestines are starting to squirm which means they're inside too. UGH. Have pictures on my camera I need to download so I can show you the tags I made on Sunday. They came out great. Too sore to do that tonight. Sorry. More snow due overnight ( we got a surprising 8 inches yesterday morning-thankfully I had the day off because Dave had some medical tests-good results too! Back to tomorrow- right now I'd love it to be a snow day so I can sleep and try to de-hive. But I guess it would mean another school day in June to make it up. I won't want that in June. Thought this Flaxseed I started taking would help these hives, and last week/weekend it seemed that way since Saturday I was hive free and Sunday just had a few. Now they're back! Short post, but that's about all I want to do tonight.

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