Saturday, February 9, 2008

A little sun and fresh air

Today was a nice day- but now it is once again SNOWING. It has snowed everyday since Tuesday- some days a lot, some days a little. But this morning- we had sun and high thirties. Katie and I went out shopping- she needs a raincoat for London. No luck finding one BUT, we walked from store to store in a few strip malls and it was REALLY nice.
Starting to get ready for London as we leave in 2 weeks. Always need to put together a few items-got to book our airport/hotel transport and need to finish my planning. PLanning for me is researching things to do and day trips we can take. Checked the weather there- and this week they are in the 50's. Think that can last until we get there? With our luck we will bring winter. GRRR. But signs of spring are everywhere- even tonight we have Nascar and football is over and spring training in baseball starts soon. Not that I am a sports fanatic, but those are always signs of spring coming.
And yesterday my new couch arrived. I am so happy, I have been waiting for it since November. YAHOO!!!!!!!!!
And to wrap up, these are a few of the tags I made last weekend. I really like them!

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