Saturday, April 12, 2008

Really spring!

Thanks to the Smithsonian for these photos
OK, lots of melt going on-in fact, enough melt to look like it will all melt away. Actually bare spots-big ones- not like just the edges. (Though still some snow- will post photos later!)
But here's the big news- when my spring actually arrives. More accurate than the calendar and temperatures because these birds never return until its almost great weather.
Its the Eastern Phoebe- a fly catcher bug eating bird- and they nest under the eaves of Dave's workshop. I heard one this morning- with their scratchy "Phoebe" call, though need to go look and see-but with the rain today, and me cleaning the house-haven't gotten that far yet. Look for tail wagging-back and forth-that's what they do.
April12- on the late side-sometimes they're here in March- but they're back-yahoo!

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