Saturday, April 26, 2008

Spring vacation has arrived!

Spring vacation! A week of gorgeous spring weather last week. These photos are from my garden and yard as life is returning after one very very long winter.
So Katie was off last week- she had gorgeous weather- into the high 80's by Wednesday. I took a personal day that day, and she and I went to the Burlington mall down in Mass-her choice since it was her vacation. We had fun shopping-ate lunch at the Rainforest Cafe and had cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory before we headed home- with a quick stop at my craft store AE which was right off the highway home. Thursday she met me in Portsmouth after school and we saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall, not a bad chick flick.

Love these buds and blooms- took the photos yesterday afternoon. I cut out of work early and went with 2 boys to the fish hatchery here in town- learned a lot about raising fish-was a good visit even though I didn't get home very early. The guys are doing an ichtheology independent study which was why we went. They had little salmon spawn still with the eggsacs connected- very cool.
Also found out that Katie and I got our summer jobs up at the lake- should be working 1 morning a week for me which is a nice little extra change. Still waiting to hear about credits and this new teaching job- had a few nights of stress dreaming last week and now am ready to decide-depending on the credits and my retirement.
So today was sunny but cooler, I did 70% of my bark mulching and my legs are a bit sore. Also vaccuumed the upstairs, did some laundry, changed my sheets, went grocery shopping- BUSY day all around. But am happy about the mulching since some BLACKFLIES were out, and my goal was to beat all that. Been raking a bit most days all week, so am way ahead in my yard work.
So this week coming up- want to do clay and art!!!! Meeting a friend for dinner Monday, need to squeeze in a Mom visit. Who knows what else- there are LOTS of possibilities to explore. Maybe do nothing-if it rains as much as they predict. Strip some wallpaper, clean my freezer- see what happens and how ambitous I am.
But the best-no work for a week. And when I go back, countdown until summer!!!
Spring is so nice when we have it, vacation always is too, don't you think?

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