Monday, May 5, 2008

Back to work after vacation ends

So it was a really easy and fast Monday for the day afteer a vacation. Must admit I planned well and I have great classes right now. Was feeling stressed about the job offer, as I had made a decision and then freaked out about it, but had a long talk with a friend at work-he had a similar job offer last year- and he said some things that helped me realize (and yes, Dave you did say these same things too) that my head had done its thinking and decided but now my heart and emotions were kicking in and telling me what I really wanted. Interesting- but so true. So I am going to ride it out for a day to be sure its what I really think- but I feel so much freer now of the decision, like a weights been lifted. Think I need to stay put-even though logically there's very good reasons to go, and even though I can't believe I feel that way after sometimes thinking my life is so the same over and over- since I've been at my present school for (EEKS!) 23 years.
Did do pages of scrapbooking this weekend on my London book- doing it in a 3 ring binder for a switch- and doing the A,B,C's of London. Shake it up a bit rather than the same ole chronological- actually haven't done that for quite awhile-but it fits for London since we spent the whole week there and never took off out of the city-unlike Ireland which I am doing more by place/area/county.
Need to take photos and post some pages too.
Came home today and took a nap, could have slept right through to morning. Talk about feeling like I wasted an evening- but I guess my body must have needed it because I don't even feel very ambitous right now. Bunch of papers to grade too, and some scrap pages to do, and cards I want to make...a walk I wanted to go on...
So added some more pictures from Friday- these are from our first stop-still. Man, I love taking close-ups that are really interesting like I find these. I have some others still, wow, sometimes you go and find the best photo spots and sometimes what you find is just blah!

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