Sunday, May 25, 2008

Long weekend!

Oh my gosh, as I sit here I see my dog chewing a Starburst. He went into the big bag Dave had on the floor next to him and Harley ate it with the wrapper still on. On my! What a dog! He's going back for more-even having eaten it with the paper on it. Guess he wants a little after dinner sweet too.
OK, so hope you are all enjoying your long weekend. Today has been gorgeous. Planted my flowers in my deck containers and got my screen porch set up. Then I went and enjoyed it-read and took a nap out on my lounge chair. The deck looks great with some color out there too. Awe-summer!
Started reading this Agatha Christie book I've had sitting on my shelf for quite awhile- its a true story of going out on an Archeological dig with her husband Max back in the 1930's or 1940's after the war. He was an archeologist and they were in the Middle East- so different from today that's for sure, but works in well with the new Indiana Jone film- The Crystal Skull. We went to see it last night and it was really an enjoyable movie. Fits right in with the last 3 Indiana Jones movies. The book is really enjoyable too. I really like her mysteries- think I've read all of them- mostly back when I was in high school and college. Even have a few hardcovers I'd found in used book stores. Maybe I need to reread some of them-they're in the attic in a box which I could easily dig out.
So tonight Dave and I went out for more junky greasy food. (That's 2 times in a week- this week coming up I'll be eating lots of salad) I've been wanting a grilled hotdog and onion rings all week. So we went to Pop's Clamshell up in Alton Bay for dinner. Pop's is this little fry shack on Lake Winnepeesaukee. I don't think the place has changed since the 1950's. You order at the kitchen window and get your number, then they call you when its done. You either take out or go eat in their out building, the bottom is closed in and the top is open. We sat up top and ate our grease- oh yummy onion rings. The sky was blue, it was 77 degrees, no bugs- a nice long holiday weekend thing to do-just like a tourist. (Wonder if there's fewer tourists with the cost of gas-I paid $3.79 a gallon yesterday but some places are around $4.00-wow. Its so depressing).
Katie also had her first day of paid work today. She's back tomorrow morning- doing her Lake Hosting- checking boats for weeds- trying to keep our gorgeous NH lakes clear and clean. She's at Merrymeeting here in town- its a great lake. I still wish we had a summer place up there!
Found a great stamp place while reading the latest Take Ten magazine yesterday-Artistic Outpost. Check them out online-I was BAD! and ordered a few of their unmounted plates today- they have this great one called Adventure with this dog sticking his head out of a car window. LOVE IT!
So we have 17 days of school left- kids have 16 1/2. Really, just 14 days of school and then exam days. Its coming up fast. Katie has a few extra days because she had sooooooooo many snow days. Like I said-summer.
Have a great rest of your weekend!

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