Wednesday, June 11, 2008

6 Days and Counting

Five more days of kids (actually 4 1/2 to be specific). I more day (or at least a few hours) of teacher work time...then its summer vacation! I am soooo ready-have I mentioned that already in the last few weeks? We are back to cooler weather-oh it is really beautiful right now. I just need to get myself up and moving and back exercising which has been sorely lacking the last couple of weeks (along with a few ice creams).As you can see, the lupine and iris are in bloom. My lupines are from Orono, Maine- home of my alma mater. My friend Vicky dug them up while working there one summer and when she cleaned out her garden I took some. I love lupines. Ever read the book Miss Rumphius? Its about Maine and wild lupines.
Right now there is a pollen deluge-yellow, yellow everywhere. But at least its not a kind of pollen that bothers me, so you just dust it off and wait for everything to turn yellow again.
Finished reading the Principals of Uncertaincy- really enjoyed that book. Now is a fun moment, picking out the next book to read. Ah, what will let me escape?

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