Thursday, October 28, 2010

More Busy Days

Here's a simle card I made a while back...sometimes simple cards are the best cards, they get right to the point. I love the Chesire Cat, he's my favorite Alice and Wonderland character. Wish I could smile and disappear into the air (can I say that the right word?  Oh its just too early today!) So last night I was beat after another workday that I came home and read and fell asleep early once again...I also had several house chores to except for finishing one card that was 98% done I didn't even go into the studio...I just didn't want to do ANYTHING last night...put on my pjs and chilled. It was a rainy night, which didn't help...but I am in a sleep mode, not unusual when I get really busy!
So work is STILL too busy...I can't stand it at all and it makes me not want to go to work... tonight I have 8th grade open house which means a LATE night but at least its a fairly low pressure night. I am loving this warm weather we're having too-but by tomorrow we're back into the fall COOL, and today we're not suppose to have rain...which is good for the class that needs to go outside today.
Anyhow, make it a good one, LOW STRESS and hopefully for all of us, not TOO busy.