Monday, January 3, 2011

Its a TOUGH morning

 Having to get up early again.
Its not even so bad going back to work, but this getting up and not having my day go myself...was just getting into the groove of a winter vacation. Its goning to be a tough day no matter how you look at it.

So I don't think I showed you the White House model Dave and I built one morning last week. I bought him the kit for Christmas, figured it would fill a morning or afternoon for him, and somehow he got me involved...but I enoyed it. It was quite the project.
So yesterday I did get into the studio...did a bit of cleaning...straightening out my paper stash...but made lots of cards and also did another page in my winter board I just need to snap a few photos to post for you...will try to do that tonight...after WORK...oh man.
So to finish off, here's a few more photos from a wonderful vacation moment, our trip last Friday to Ferry Beach.
First Monday of the New Year...