Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Little Romance

This card is my romantic version of a Valentine's card...I've shown you some that are whimsical and fun in the past week or so but lets face it...Valentine's Day is a great time to make something classically romantic. So here's what you get...this card on American Crafts red cardstock, with some light blue cardstock texturized. There's Tim Holtz tissue tape and a Tim Holtz rosette made out of thin white paper...decorated with some Hero Arts blue pearls and a Prima gemstone. There's a Tim Holtz love ticket and a great classically romantic angel by Stamp Francisco. I love this that its so usual but with the baby blue color thrown in...just a bit unique.
And here is my next read since I finish Julia Child's and Avis Desoto's letters last night -(a very good book by the way-Julia Child had the most fantastic life). I wanted to read more Rick Steves ever since I finished the Politics of Travel. Me-the travel bug girl. I'd love to be going to Europe in February...I love going to Europe...not that I'm complaining because I am going away in just a bit over a month-and I'm excited to go to Death Valley because its a place I've wanted to go see. Oh, if I just had money to travel more than once or twice a year and to buy all the art supplies that tickled my fancy. I know, STOP sounding like I'm whining.-not trying to sound that way. I AM very lucky and blessed so I really shouldn't even say those things...but if I could...if I had lots of extra cash...just a little dream of mine. Wouldn't it be fun? Of course if I could buy all the art supplies I wanted I'd need a HUGE studio...and if I could travel all I wanted I'd...well...I don't know what the problem would be with that. It just sounds plain old fantastic to me-girl with travel addiction.
So what would you do if you had enough cash you could just spent it and not have to control yourself?
Anyhow, today I am being BAD (SHHH...don't tell, its a secret) and am taking a little mental health feels good though because this time of year and all this snow...just need to have a little scenery change every one and get t spend the day with my daughter before she leaves for school and I see less of her...gotten used to her being home for vacation and then she'll be gone...
I should say instead of sending or even getting Postcards from Europe in my life its getting Postcards from College.
Au revoir!