Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saturday Sleep In

Its later Saturday morning and I slept in until 9ish this morning-it was SWEET! Got up to a text from a good friend asking to meet for lunch- and that is SWEET! Katie came home last night (just for the night) and we went out for pizza, it was YUMMY and a FUN time out!  Think its going to be a good day. Love Saturday.
So I bought this used windmill stamp off of Etsy awhile back, and I thought I'd keep it mostly blue in the delf form. Not sure who made the stamp...but its an older one I believe. The saying is another older stamp, the company went out of business-I want to say red Dragon Arts. Stamp Diva used to sell them ages ago. I will say, when I photograph and post my cards I get a different view of them, and I think the saying needs to be outlined. I also have to tack down the bottom left corner of the polkadot background paper. I will say, light paper shows the flaws more vividly...the lighting doesn't help either-it makes the bottom look not straight-but it is straight-only the shadows are throwing it off.
Like this card a lot though...its rather springy...and since my travel bug is started to give me the itch...
Happy Saturday all-hope its a good one for you too!

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