Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sunny and COLD today

Today is bright and blue skied but like 10 degrees right now.  The house is cozy with the woodstove going. Tonight we have a hockey game and its going to be COLD walking to and from the car. BRRR.
So yesterday was a great day off...sun out by 2 p.m., wind kicked up, shovelled so got some fresh air. Made a bunch of a lot of my book...watched a bunch of Rick Steves travel videos from a set I purchased 2-3 years ago (I surprisingly watch those a was worth the $40 I spent on them), made a bunch of cards...and
The owl was back...pretty early in the day too...GORGEOUS!
Its SOOOOO cool how they can turn their heads.
So yesterday's card had a Valentine's theme. I was using my Big Kick...making Fleur de Lis, heart and Cupid punches. I also was using the empty cutout paper as stenciles and trimming them down and using them as "ring" images. Very cool what you can do. Here's a couple of snaps for one of the cards I made that kind of demonstrates what I was just saying.
So I used the left-over paper from punching out a Quick-Cutz cupid to stencil the Cupid in black on the white background. Then I glued on the fleur de lis and after that decided I wanted to stamp on it.  It was have been easy if I hadn't glued it down, but what I did was like the left over edging from this die-cut and put it down as a mask, then stamped it several times with the Tim Holtz love definition. Then I added the trim (an old piece from EK Success). The heart was made by taking the edge of a die cut scrap and cutting around it to make a think rim. Had I had a wider heart heart I could have used that too...but I don't, so I just trimmed this down  and then glued the rim down on some 7Gypsies Lille paper (which I bought very recently at my favorite craft store). I glued the whole thing down, glued the gold leaf, glued the Prima felt flower and added the word kisses which is a single little word stamp. Not sure who made was in my BOX of assorted clear stamps I got from the Frantic Stamper in their box sale back in November. Its a great stamp for Valentine's a  BUNCH of love type of stamps in that box.
Here's a bit more of a close up. 
Enjoy your day!