Saturday, February 5, 2011

A little of This and a little of That...another day

Here's an awesome card I made (give myself a little pat on the back this you can tell). Anyhow, I liked how it came out. I started with a white card which I covered with pink and brown ink. This is made with American Cardstock and I love how when you ink it it looks a lot like rough fabric. Anyhow, I die cut the Eiffel tower with a Quickcutz die and glued it onto some think cardboard. isn't cardboard a great substance? I love it. Then I backed that up with some pretty paper, punched the corners on all. Well I will say I first attached the pretty brown paper, then ran a strip of 7Gypsies paper tape and then attached the Eiffel tower.  Then using some postmarks from the 7Gypsies Avignon stamp set I used a rosey colored ink and decorated up the page a bit. I also used the word Paris from that set and stamped it in black, as the little black address stamped on the top. Then I added some flowers from Prima to dress it up...and there's my cards!
So the Year of the Rabbit just started the other day...been thinking of doing some "art" with a rabbit...if time allows. I love making Asian themed pieces and I haven't done that in SOOOO long. PLus, with the horrible need for spring since we are so snowed over here in the Northeast, Rabbits  fall into that theme with Easter and spring showers and all that...maybe...soon.
And here's a couple of new books I bought the other day at Barnes and Noble which I am studying up...go right along with the theme of my card today...
I have been and am going to continue to improve my French...these are good little books to keep on the coffeetable for an odd minute and here and there. Correctment?  I don't ever expect to be writing the language, and I'm ok with understanding what I hear-still could use improvement there too...but I'm not so good at speaking, since I'm so visual...I need to see things and get the rules down in my does help.
Anyhow, the other day we had all these BIG bird tracks in the yard and today I discovered the culprits...a flock of turkeys...they buzzed off when the heard Harley bark...and I saw their little heads running above some snow banks...
Mystery solved.
Happy Saturday everyone!

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