Thursday, February 10, 2011

More Valentine's Day cards

So its Thursday...have open house tonight at school so it shoud be a late one getting home. Always dread these nights but if we can get them over with...that is good news.
 Anyhow, want to continue showing you some Valentine cards I've recently made. This one is a bit on the Gothic side-just a bit.
First I die cut the fleur de lis on rose paper. Then I used the cut-out scrap to stencil some red fleur de lis on the white card. Then I attached the die-cut and on some white paper I stamped a frilly edged heart in red. I cut this out and attached it. Then I stamped the same frilly edged heart in black on some printed paper. This time when I cut it out I left off the frilly edges and just cut out the heart. I over colored the paper so it would be really red. Attach this inside the original frilly heart. I used a stamp I have that says love rocks in this great gothic print-I think its made by Rubber Soul. I cut out and slightly distressed that and then attached it in the center of the fleur de lis.
In the bottom right corner I stamped a B Line design Italian collage stamp in brown and then overstamped that with a plain heart in red, which I then double colored so it would be really red. Added the words- both the heart and the words are from a Martha Stewart set which I bought last year or so. Finally I put gold ring stickers in each corner and added a small dab or red Adirondack dimensional pearls.

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