Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Today, if my Dad was still alive he would be 87.
To celebrate remembering him, today's post is exclusive showing some old photos of him...when he was young and before my time.
Here he is on an earlier birthday...not sure if it from the late 1940's or early 1950's...with my Aunt Gurlie in the background.
Same birthday, guess he got some cool birthday cards.
And this is him and my mother-I bet they weren't married yet in this photo.

And here's a photo back from when he was in the army during World War II.

That's him on the left...he was in Asia during a lot of the war with military intelligence. I don't know if this was in India or Sri Lanka (then Ceylon). He was also in China too.

And if we got back even further, here he is with his Dad and his sisters and his dog whom I think was named Roadie...I think he's most likely about 12 here so it would be in the early 1936 most likely. He lived on a farm in  Charlton, Massachusetts then. Both of his sister's are still living. My oldest aunt will be 92 this month and my other aunt, the one on the left in this photo is 88 and will be 89 in the fall.
So dad, if you can hear me or sense me...
Happy Birthday!
Have fun and go fishing or jif you're just sitting outside, drink a big cup of coffee for me, ok?

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