Monday, February 14, 2011

What I Love

(Photoshop brushes photo borrowed from the Internet)
For Valentine's Day...
Not brown paper packages tied up with string...
But here's a few of my my favorite things...
1-Family and friends-Bien sur!
2-Practicing my French and knowing what to say the correct way!
3-The first day of a vacation when the whole rest of that time off is still ahead of you with so many possibilities
4-Getting packages in the mail (good things like art supplies)
5-On-line shopping for fun things like books and art supplies
6-Going out to breakfast or lunch
7-Go out for an early morning walk when the world is still pretty quiet and empty except for nature
8-Books-and poking around a GOOD book store for a while
9-Poking around a good craft supply store for a while
10-Puppies and kittens no matter what age they are
11-TRAVELLING and having a great adventure and also planning a trip-I like that part!
12-warm SNOW FREE days
13-creating beauty and yummy veggies in my gardens
14-I hate to say this-but a snow day...not for the snow, but being able to go back to bed on a cold dark morning and then having a day off...which is like a gift day off and you don't have to do anything (except unfortunately shovel...)
15-Playing in my studio uninterupted for a whole morning! And having inspiration too!
16-clean sheets on my bed
17-reading a good book-especially on a warm afternoon  on my screen porch
18-getting up on a day off and having my house all clean and not having that to do
19-having my studio clean and organized
20-watching a really good movie with a tub of popcorn
22-seeing a wild animal I didn't expect to see
23-walking the beach
24-learning and trying new things
25-looking at old photographs
26-discovering something exciting
27-a good cup of tea
28-realizing you can do something you didn't think you could manage
29-snapping photos
30-a big yummy breakfast
31-not cooking meals because I have to but cooking something you want to eat because you want to
32-watching a UMO hockey game and we win!
33-seeing the first spring crocuses blooming and hearing the phoebe that lives under the shop eaves...and hearing the spring peepers, knowing spring is here and getting to sleep with your window open at night for the first time and those spring like days in the middle of winter when it gets warm
34-when the days get longer in February and you know eventually winter will end
35-laughing and laughing and laughing
36-a good day in my classroom
37-knitting and brousing a good yarn store
38-it feels good to fufill (is is forfill or fufill-they both look wrong) something on your bucket list or your want to accomplish within a time frame getting a project done and finally crossing it off the honey-do or other list
39-getting emails/texts from friends
40-being HAPPY down into your soul
41-paying off a bill
42-being healthy with no colds, tooth pain or back pain or hives or anything else
43-getting a really nice surprise
44-finding something you "must have"  on sale
45-getting complements on how you look or something you made
46-having a good conversation with your mom
47-chocolate and chocolate yummies like brownies, etc.
48-browsing art magazines and getting ideas
49-small gatherings of friends when you can sit and talk and catch-up on life and philosophize and analyze
51-getting blueberries on something and they're those little tiny native Maine style berries
52-being by water and the ocean
53-donuts-since I don't buy them very often-jelly filled and chocolate ones
54-feeling like you're a part of something
55-having a good idea and having it actually work
56-loosing weight (oh I wish)
57-self confidence when doing something
58-When the last snow melts in the backyard
59-Going on a date with my honey
60-the smell after a summer rainstorm
61-and the smell of the Christmas tree in the house
62-a clean dog to snuggle with and a cat sleeping on your feet and keeping them warm
63-having all your laundry washed and put away and having all those choices of things to wear
64-remembering fun moments and telling those stories
65-when Katie comes home from college
66-getting asked to do something you want to do and having someone to do it with
67-really liking how something you made came out
68-people watching
69-a Sunday you can spend in your grungies and sit on the computer all morning after sleeping in late
70-having just enough alone time and just enough people time during the day
71-when you can leave work on-time and get home earlier than you planned
72-good shows on tv when you want to zone out in front of it
73-feeling mentally sharp and having that good come back instead of having nothing to say
74-your dog's (and cat's) happiness when you return home from work (or kid too, especially when they were little and ran into your arms with a welcoming hug and laugh)
75- last but not least-writing this and other lists

Wow, that's a lot on this list. I was definately inspired to write it.
Happy Valentine's Day to all of you.
Lots of LOVE!

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