Saturday, January 14, 2012

Looking Backwards to Jump Start 2012

Some of my favorite art from blog posts in 2007: here's some snippets.
What a fantastically creative year it was. I need to start exploring some more and playing some more...2011 was a great art year but I didn't spread my wings very far...lots of cards and scrapbook journaling...tried many new things but all within those limits. Not a lot of cloth...some hat knitting, no polymer clay art, a bit of metal clay but not a lot...
I need some recharge and MAYBE some confidence by looking back and seeing what I did-and that makes me feel good.


Last night I watched a couple of redbox movies-one of them was Midnight In Paris-wow-loved it! I want a man like the one that Owen Wilson played...not that I don't adore my hubby...but that guy was so great and being in Paris....and those great people in the 1920', what a time.

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