Sunday, March 25, 2012

Latest Arts and Crafts Books

I haven't done a book post for awhile so thought I would do one with some of my latest  (since January) finds for crafty books.
I'll include cooking in that list, as it is a craft, I'd guess you could say. 
I'll also say these aren't all new releases, but just things I have come across I want to talk about.
3 fun books for me
Knit Your Own Cat: Easy-to-Follow Patterns for 16 Frisky Felines 
Fun! Haven't started any cats yet though-but want to do my Leo. This author also wrote knit your dog-which is also fun but they're all pure breeds so if your a shelter dog lover you probably won't find your dog.
75 Seashells, Fish, Coral & Colorful Marine Life to Knit & Crochet 
This book is cool. I am doing a sea organism scarf making various should be cool I hope. I love the ocean and being able to knit this fun little guys is good for me-and a big change of knitting pace.
75 Birds, Butterflies & Little Beasts to Knit and Crochet 
I finally picked up this book after looking at it for a long time. It is similar to the above sea critter book, but lots of fun things to whip up. I think a leaf and flower scarf to match my sea creature one might be next on the knitting list.
Arts and Crafts:
Art of Layers: Simple Techniques, Inventive Scrapbook Pages, Imaginative Papercrafts 
This book has some good ideas but isn't quite as great as I'd hope it would be. I managed to find a copy for $5-which is great for a newly released book.  I will admit I haven't read it as thoroughly as I want to yet though.
Delight in the Seasons: Crafting a Year of Memorable Holidays and Celebrations 
This book has some fun things to make and I love the little details the author introduces. I like this book as much as her first book, Delight in the Details. This one is specifically for different events/holidays during the year.
The Big Book of Scrapbook Pages: 500+ New Designs for Capturing All Your Memories 
I am still working my way through this volume, but it is not a bad scrapbooking book. I find with scrapbooking books that there are always pages that you don't really take to and those which give you an idea. I know how to scrap, but I am always looking for new ideas and things to try. I do recommend this book because it has given me lots of ideas to try.
100 Fresh and Fun Handmade Cards: Easy-to-Follow Instructions for 50 New Designs, 50 Amazing Alternatives 
I already showed you this book. Now I love the ideas in this book-it is just not written to be very easy follow those ideas. You have to be familiar with and willing to work through some practice items to get to the heart of these.
Layered Impressions: A Poetic Approach to Mixed-Media Painting
And finally this book which I picked up for full price because I really like this layering book and her project ideas. Granted, it is a different kind of  art techniques from the Art of Layers. Still, I like this book a lot-enough to pay full price which I don't often do.
Breakfast Comforts (Williams-Sonoma): With Enticing Recipes for the Morning, including Favorite Dishes from Restaurants Around the Country 
Picked this up at Costco. A great breakfast book with fantastic photos to make you want to go cook breakfast. I am a breakfast lover and this book I like-especially at the Costco price.
Home Baked Comfort (Williams-Sonoma): Featuring Mouthwatering Recipes and Tales of the Sweet Life with Favorites from Bakers Across the Country 
And the other yummy cookbook I picked up at Costco was this. If you love to bake desserts or even just look at the fabulous's another good cookbook...once again-especially at Costco price.
That's my book report for today.

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