Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Signs of Spring

There is all kinds of signs of spring. Warms days, mud, snow melting, lots of robins and I even saw a big flock of cedar waxwings in a tree last week.
So here's a really spring card.
I started by using Versa-mark and stamping a large background Hero Arts flowers image. I then wanted a more distressed look than a solid look, so I passed the heat gun over it a few times, brushed off some embossing powder, and then repeated that step a couple more times.  I laid down some 7Gyspies tape and some cloth trim on either side of it. Then I stamped the image (Magenta) on white paper, colored it and used stencil brush to put some light blue ink on the background. I used some foam stickies to attach this image and pop it up a bit. Then I added some pearl colored Viva Paint Pen dots and took a white chipboard ring from Technique Tuesday and added that, just to break up the overall look. You can see this cute little kittie in the ring.
And it will be another warmer day today but they say it might rain. That is ok...all the kids at school had massive spring fever yesterday-especially  my seniors at the end of the day.
Even I have it. I would love to play hooky and stay home.
I could go play all day in the studio...that would be GREAT! I came home last night with BIG plans but with the time change and the Monday factor and a busy day at work...I ended up taking a nap. Needed that recharge. I was going to vac up the sand...nope...try some wild project ideas floating around my head...nope, but I did go up to the studio and try out my birthday workbench table. Love it. Finished up the few little things I wanted to do on my Arizona travel journal-love it!!! Then I did a few scrap journal pages from my North Carolina trip last summer. You know, it ended being lots of fun working on that (even though I didn't really feel like doing that type of project) and I tried a few new ideas I had on my pages...relaxing but creatively refreshing too. I must say I do have an issue...I come home and expect too much from myself. Some nights I just need to relax and I feel like I must go into the studio. But when you go into the studio and you're tired, you only half produce. Actually, for me, working on my scrap journal is a great thing to do on a tired night. I might want to try a pop up card or sew a new project, but when your brain is only half on...you do what you can do without that new project brain power.
Bad thing...
Sometimes you just end up doing the same type of project over and over...
But I better be good and go to work.
Thanks for visiting.

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