Sunday, March 4, 2012

So today is my birthday

Happy Birthday to me!!!
I won't say how old I am going to be- but lately I've been looking at myself and seeing too many little lines coming into my face...
Good thing I don't feel 52.
Dave took this photo of me on vacation and I think it came out pretty good, even though my mouth was full of food at the time. 
Here's a few more trip snapshots showing some funky art from the trip.
This town of Bisbee, Arizona has lots of artists, craftsmen and alternative style folks so it was full of some great art!
Giant fly statue in Bisbee. It was the top of the outside door of an art studio
Funky house. I snapped this as we drove by.
Door in Bisbee, painted and decorated with bottle caps.
Below is a close up of some of the bottle caps.

Another crazy decorated building in Bisbee.
And one more of the crazy art in Bisbee, here's another decorated car. Saw quite a few of these, wonder why so many?
 I started a new book on my trip which I am really enjoying
A Discovery of Witches: A Novel (All Souls Trilogy)
I hate bringing a new book onto the plane in case you don't like it...but this one is a good one so far.
And luckily it is book 1 of the trilogy-next book comes out this summer!
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