Sunday, April 1, 2012

April is Here

So it was really nice to have a lazy day yesterday. Puttered and poked, did a bit of baking and saw my friend Vicky for a few hours-did a bunch of catching up since she's was gone west since January. I needed a day like that. My kind of Saturday! Enjoyed some time hanging out with Katie-she and I went to see Mirror, Mirror on Friday late afternoon which was a fun movie-love those light kind of movies on Friday afternoon.
Thought it might be a nice to make it a picture day on my blog, reminisce about my trip to Arizona-since I came home a month ago. I can't believe it was a month ago...but now it is
Another school vacation coming up in a few more trip planned for this one. I actually want a vacation at a few chores,  take a  small day out road trip (or maybe 2), relax. 
Hopefully it will be sunny and spring weather so I can work outside too.
I love April vacation at home.
Here's some more photos from Arizona. A scattering of views and memories.

Looking into Tucson across Saguaro Nat. Park East.

Bottles in a window in Bisbee.
Southern Arizona ranch land.
Spanish Mission Chapel
Road sign for a town in southeastern Arizona.

Biosphere II
At Pima Air and Space museum.
carving on the mission
the desert is very pretty
Hope you enjoyed these snippets of a 5 day vacation-very short and sweet, just like these photos.
Have a great rest of your weekend.

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