Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Rain is Coming

So yesterday was a fantastic way to start a vacation. I worked all day-LOL! Well much of the day. Got one of my 2 big vacation projects done-I bleached down my screen porch wood to clean it up for the season. It is one of those jobs that takes a couple of hours and luckily, only needs to be done once a season. I feel good it is accomplished, that is for sure.
I also hung my second over the door cloth shoe holder in the studio and put the rest of my paper punches into it. Then I rearranged a couple of drawers of supplies in these 3 plastic storage units I have which means I now have 5 big open drawers for supplies!!!!!!! Granted- I have some fabric I need to put into at least a few of those drawers-which I have not done yet, but my whole point of hanging the shoe holders for my punches is to make space for that bag of fabric.
But getting some extra space is a bonus!!!
Love it when you get things accomplished that you've been wanting to do.
Only art I did was work on putting together my travel journal for this summer.
OK, I am not going away for 3 months but had the supplies to organize it-not decorate it- so I did that. Now I can add a few little embellishments when the mood strikes.
I also lounged out on my now very clean screen porch and read some more of my Peter Mayle book. It was 80 ish degrees and just a gorgeous day-light breeze-not too humid. A morning walk started my day. Ended my day by going to Lowe's for some grass seed and masks for when we rip out the carpet (so we don't breath in all the crappy build-up in the rub) and going out to dinner with my hubby.
It was a very full day for sure.
So today I am showing you this cute little card that uses one of Unity's Stamp of the Week selections. I think this one is my most favorite to date. And this is a simple simple but perfect little card.
I first stamped the cherry image in black on both the white card and on some plain white stamping paper. I then took some pink ink and brushed a bit just around the cherry on the card. Not a lot though. Then on the white paper I colored the cherries and the leaves-which I then cut out and glued down in the appropriate spots on the card. I put some pale lilac  Viva paint pen dots on the flowers and then stamped the sentiment.
So you are asking about my title? The rain is coming?
 They say starting today we will get a day and a half of some good soaking heavy rain. We need it, my backyard is like the dust bowl. Hence the grass seed, which I plan on throwing onto the ground tomorrow a.m., hopefully before it starts to rain. My lawn is looking HORRIBLE right now. Hardly any grass left for some reason. We also put down some bug killer and fertilizer so hopefully all this will help.
Plus tomorrow will be a nice lazy day for me, hanging home in the rain. Maybe watching some old movies or reading on the couch. Sounds fabulous.
Thanks for visiting! And have a great start to your new week.

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