Tuesday, April 24, 2012


It was great hanging home yesterday while the rain came down. Me and my sweats. Sleeping in after Dave left for work with a dog and a cat in bed with me. It was the perfect sleep in morning and it was so nice not to have to get up for work.
 I will admit though, once I got up and going, at first I felt like I needed to do chores, and there are so many chores on the need to do list, I could have worked all day. But I reminded myself it is VACATION, so I did a bit of seasonal clothes change over first thing and then hit the studio for 5 hours. 
Was sure better than working all day, especially when you know there will always be chores on that to  do list.
Plus after playing in my happy space I did some reading and made a quiche, my first, and it was easier than I thought it would be.
Yummy! Think I'll be making a few more quiches in the future.
I added onions and bacon to it-mmm.

Anyhow, back to yesterday and my studio time. I finished my North Carolina scrap-journals. I had only 1 photo  left to scrap and then I needed to put in my covers. And I did all of that!!! Plus some other art too.
I haven't been in the studio for that long in a few weeks, and I was so ready to play.
Here's some views of pages I made in the last few weeks to finish up my Outer Banks, North Carolina scrap-journal.

Here's a tag I made last week. I started with a die cut scalloped circle made out of cardboard. I glued down some little decorative shells and a couple of shells I think I found in the Outer  Banks- (I have this habit of collecting shells every time I go to the beach-and there's quite a few of them so if these aren't from the OBX, they're some a beach someplace.) LOL. I also added some of this Viva sand paint, which dries into this real sand that's stuck on for good on the page.

Here's one of the 2 pages I made yesterday. It is the last page I made. I like the checkered flag style letters. The words are from Cornish Heritage Farms that I stamped around the edges. Here's the other side, the last photo I needed to do.
I had this cool photo of the walkway into the Nascar Hall of Fame.  So I stamped these cars onto my watercolor paper (Crafty Secrets) and then I stamped and embossed the King of the Road image, which I then colored with Copics. A little red and yellow spray ink, some paper tape, the North Carolina sticker....that's my page.
Last page for today is this journaling page. I added some slides that I ran through the printer/copier, some 7Gypsies tape and a sticker I picked up at the Hall of Fame. I stamped the pit stop image and embossed it and colored it. Then I gave the page some spraying and finally added the chipboard letters.
So that's it for today. I am off to visit my mama down in Massachusetts. Me and Harley are going to a little road trip together- and he will be one happy puppy since he loves road trips.
Till next post.

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