Friday, May 11, 2012

10 Things Friday

It is another Friday everybody. As usual, I am excited about the upcoming weekend.
Since Sunday is Mom's Day, let me share some spring garden with you too!
It is the garden edition of 10 Things Friday!
1- Lilacs are coming out here. My absolutely favorite flower. They are so pretty and the smell just
2- When it is NOT raining, it is now getting light before 5 a.m. Waking up to the duskiness of a rising sun is my way to wake up.
3-And a walk through the spring woods, there's thicker and thicker green.
4. Another one of my favorite fleurs- daffodils.
5- And garden flox-the low variety are coloring up rock gardens every place.

6. The gnomes have been busy playing their gnome games out in the yard. You never know what a gnome may do.
7- And we have blackflies. Nasty little buggers.
8-Blossoms everywhere!
9- Grass is sprouting. Maybe my lawn might look OK in a bit. With all the rain this week and last, you would think it would be thick pretty quick.
10-Love the green leaves opening up everywhere. I love spring.

Yesterday I met Katie and went out for a yummy seafood dinner at Newick's-this restaurant on Little Bay. I had a yummy yummy lobster roll and watched a few boats go by and the waves wash up as a little squall came by.
Happy Friday dear readers.
The weekend is almost here!

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