Friday, May 18, 2012

10 Things Friday

OK, I could do a lot of diferent themes this week. 10 things I accomplished and crossed off my list-since it was a busy week.
10 Things I wish I'd had time for this week. I like this idea.
10 words that describe my week-I like this too but it might be exhausting coming up with the words. Though that is kind of the point- to get me to think and be fresh. I haven't done a regular 10 things right now list for a bit because after awhile every Friday I start saying the same thing like-I get to sleep in tomorrow, I didn't get to do as much art as I wanted...blah...blah...blah.
So this week-let's do 10 brief phrases that have something to do with my week.
1-Finished the check-off list.
2-Finished with sophomore year.
2-Starting and feeling like summer vacation/season
3-Excited about tomorrow
4-Anticipating a good time 
5-Tripping over the mess
6-Sunshine makes me happy
7-Barnabus is bad
8-Loving color
9-Blooming beautiful
10-Need to go into cash and food austerity

Another snippet from my Arizona scrap-journal.

Bring on the sunshine.
Bring on the weekend.

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