Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Scraps of summer

Don't mean to keep showing the same old type of things every day-but unfortunately I haven't yet taken any photos of anything else I have been doing in my studio. (And I have been doing some non-journaling projects-love that!) So here we go, more of my summer scrap-journal.
Fabric scraps and fun red stitching, along with some red Viva paint pen dots.
Everyone's journal needs some pages that are a little bit different.
No words, no real planned layout, no stamping, no die cuts.
I love this page.
So yesterday I planned on doing some cleaning but it never made it out of the planning stage. I did play a bit in the studio-but my poor puppy was having nervous fits with all the rain and thunder so I was trying to comfort him-if you can comfort a dog that is. And Katie was home so she and I went to see Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter at the theater. As usual, the book was a lot better but it was an entertaining flick. That is if you like that kind of film.And the best part was spending some time with my baby.
And today I woke up feeling like I've had a week off and it is time to start some house projects. Not just cleaning. So my plan is to go buy a gallon of paint to repaint my bedroom. Not changing the color-I love the pale grey-lavender that it is, but I want to refresh it and clean it up so when we get around to putting in our new floor, the paint will be done. (We had this 30+ year old disgusting carpet in my bedroom which we pulled out in April and right now my floor is just the plywood base.) I probably won't get to do any painting today by the time I run errands, but it will be there for when I am ready. And if the rain ever stops I will definitely go out and try to turn my gardens back into gardens from the lawns that they are now. With last week's heat and the last 2 days of rain, they are looking green-but the wrong green.
So I found out last night the piece of weed (natural stuff-not the drug variety) I pulled off a trailer at the boat ramp 2 weeks ago was in fact an invasive species so I get credited with a save! It is exciting.
And here's my latest read-another light fun kind of book.
Enough of my random babbling for today.
Make it fabulous.

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