Sunday, July 1, 2012

Another Beautiful Day

Here's a snippet of the painting I have started. Not much to see so far.
I am using acrylic paints on canvas.
I am also a not very experienced painter.
Not much of a post today- we're off to watch some planes at the Pease Air Show in Portsmouth, NH from my husband's boat. Bringing a book with me to read since I remember last year it can be quite awhile between fly bys. That's all you get to see from the boat since we're not actually going to the airport to see the actual show.
Also this year I am bringing my bathing suit since I didn't last year and when you are anchored in a bay a nice little dip on a hot sunny day in July feels great.
Should be be fun-get to spend the day with my family and my daughter's boyfriend is joining us. That is the best part.
Here's my next book too-got a lot of reading done yesterday while working at the boat ramp:
The Orphanmaster

Thanks for visiting and
Happy Day to you!

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