Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Going Back to Work is Hard Work

Yawn. I am writing this at 4:15 yesterday afternoon and man, I am BEAT. First day back to work, too many details to take care of but great to see my work friends.
And today, the freshmen arrive.
Change of pace today, but made this silly card over the summer.
I send a lot of my card to my daughter at college and so I try to make a bunch of cards that are going to make her smile. Not that this is the greatest card I've ever made, but if I was 20 and in college- it would put a smile on my face (or make me think my mother had gone off the deep end).
I used the same background paper to emboss the sheep (Love those silly sheep) as make the base so that I could make the embossed panel blend in pretty seamlessly. I added lots of strips of colored paper tape, then added the photo, which I wrote in the words. A hand cut heart, colored red, and some red twine. Finally I used some Viva paint dots in red to hold down the twine.
That's my post today.
Have a great one and thanks for stopping by!

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