Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Lots of Things

The 19th Wife: A Novel
First of all, here's my latest read. 
It is an interesting read, but kind of bothering me too. If you haven't read it, it is 2 stories interwoven.  The story of modern day polygamists-those sects down in Northern Arizona-and a murder. Then it is also a story of  historical Mormons.  Specifically, the 19th wife of Brigham Young who left him and wrote a book about polygamy back in the late 1800's. I guess what bothers me is why any woman would submit to that life style. I do not get it.
But it is a good read, really holding my interest.
Secondly, here is a bit more of my trip journal.
Here's a page with a hiking map. And info about a hike we took.
I added the tab and the green edged blank sticker (I wrote in the Friday) which were on some sheets from October Afternoon. The fish stickers I also added, and I stamped the Montana word around the edges. Hero Arts/Studio Calico has out this set of state names rubber stamps which I love when doing a travel album.
Since I had no way to print out the photos I took, I bought a post card of our hike and put it in this little clear cover that fit right into the binder. I bought the binder and these folders at Staples. I added the little sticker on the bottom right.
Here's another folder for these little binders you can get at Staples. They're sold in packs of several folders. I used this one to put in some bear info since there are warnings every where in Glacier National Park. I added the black and white image to the outside-it came off a souvenir T shirt wrapper.
And here's another little page I did about the bears with some safety info on it. I had stamped the bear before we went away and then I added the words along the bottom.
OK, so let me show you my third thing-some pictures from this hike.

I haven't hardly started to go through all the 2000+ photos I took on this vacation. But here is one from the hike that my journal documents. I plan on fixing the darkness of it one of these days. But it goes with the bear pages in my journal.
Here's another untouched photo and some unidentified hiker who made it into the photo. This is Avalanche Lake, the same lake that I put the post card of into my journal.
It was a beautiful lake, You can see all the little waterfalls on the mountains at the far end of this little lake.
I like this photo better. First of all, no unknown person in it. That is the hubby Dave off on the rock. Plus you can see the color of the lake better. These glacial fed lakes all have this blue-green color to them because of the sediment that suspends in the water.
I'm glad you stopped by.
Have a great Tuesday.

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