Sunday, September 30, 2012

Another Grey Day

So as the month winds down, I am going to show you this card I made for Katie last week. I love this guy; he cracks me up. Plus, as a crazy chemist, he looks just like one of the chemistry teachers I work with. 
This card isn't really demonstrating any wild techniques, just plain and simple stamping, coloring and cutting out. But I did play with the explosion's smoke, and I think it turned out looking pretty cool-I used a few colors of Distress stain to get the look. I wanted the smoke to have a bit of depth-look like it was billowing and moving, which I think was mostly successful with.(Always good when that happens.)
Or maybe it just looks like a big messy blob...
You can decide but don't tell me please.
 Let me live in my own warped reality please.
So also on my crafty front is this cool new knitting book I bought the other day when I went to Barnes and Noble's after work. Was fun to poke through a bookstore-haven't done any poking like that for a long time...I might run in and get a magazine but's been half a year since I had a good poking session.
So I bought this book.
Knitting with The Color Guys: Inspiration, Ideas, and Projects from the Kaffe Fassett Studio
I love Kaffe Fassett's colors and patterns. He makes the most gorgeous quilts and at one point some very cool sweater patterns for Rowan Yarns of England. He also makes colorful fabric with more great patterns. This particular book doesn't have sweaters but does have some neat pillows, afghans and scarves. I am going to knit a few of the throw pillows for my bed.
And I want to do several of the scarves.
And I wish, magically, one of his quilts would just fly into my life like some multicolored, intensely pattern flying carpet.
I really want to get his new autobiography.
Kaffe Fassett: Dreaming in Color: An Autobiography
It looks wonderful with lots of color photos. I think if you love color and the interplay of multiple colors you just can't help but love his textiles.
 They are just gorgeous.
What I also love about the new knitting book that I bought is some of the color photos of doorways, gardens and ceramics.
 The colors make me drool.
I think the top appealing thing to me in art is color, and then texture, and then design.
At least right at this moment 
I think that.
I wish Kaffe Fassett would put out a book with just those rich color photos.
He could embellish it with quilts and knitting and fabric but it wouldn't have to be a how to book.
Kaffe, if by some SLIME chance you read my blog,
think about that.
Well I am playing in my studio some more today,
also making an apple pie.
Plus this weekend I have done some more declutter cleaning.
And went out shopping with Katie for a few hours-was lots of fun to spend time with her.
It all feels fantastic before I go back to work for a very crazy week ahead.
We are going through re-accreditation this week at work.
And Dave has only this week and then next before he goes back to work-to a new job!!!!
And tonight we get the new season of the Amazing Race.
So much going on.
Have a relaxing day and come back soon.

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