Sunday, September 16, 2012

Paper Play

It is a beautiful but chilly, fall like Sunday morning here in New Hampshire. Makes you think of apple picking and pumpkins, not boating like the hubby wants to do. Made a yummy apple coffee cake this morning for Sunday breakfast...just letting it cool, and should go out for a walk since I need the exercise, but  I haven't made it that far yet.
That is the beauty of Sunday morning though, isn't it?
So last weekend I played with deli wrap paper, some stencils and paint to make some cool paper to use in a Halloween book I am working on. 
This one above I overlapped the herringbone stencil and used multiple colors...brown, yellow, orange and black. Like that effect a lot.
Here's another paper I did.
I learned that layering colors and using multiple stencils give a much more rich effect. I also learned that not giving any drying time in between helps give you some of the mixed overlapping colors.
I also learned that putting a  design over another contrasting design can create a cool effect too.
Shall I show you one more?
Hand painted red dots and blobs and then black stenciling.
So think my coffee cake is cool enough now so I can go have a little piece for breakfast.
Don't think the hubby has yet made a decision about boating though, so I can't plan my day out.
If I am home maybe I will go pick apples.
But I am not getting my hopes up there.
Thanks for visiting and
Have a great rest of your weekend.

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