Saturday, September 29, 2012

Saturday morning is good!

Saturday morning is always wonderful. Sleeping later than 4:45 is always wonderful.
Especially when it is a dark and wet morning, it is like a license to sleep in.
Not sure what is on my day's agenda but it doesn't matter because the day is all mine.
To warm myself up for making my Halloween projects I made a few autumn cards. 
I especially like this one.

I started with a brown card stock base and put a painted deli wrap over it. Then I used an embossing folder from Sizzix to make the cattails. Once embossed, I ran a brown ink pad over the impressions to darken them. Then I cut them out. The paper I made the impression on is similar in colors to the painted background so it blends in pretty nice.
I used that same paper to make the sun in the right corner. I used a Frame-lit die from Sizzix to cut the circle, then gave it a coat of some yellow acrylic paint.
This is one of my favorite ways to make a sun or a moon.
Finally I stamped the phrase and the bird, cut them both out and put them on the card.
I think these cattails just were screaming for a bird to sit on them.
All I should have added were a few little musical notes or a tweet-tweet since this bird looks happy and looks like it should be singing up a storm. 
Don't you think?
I bet she got to sleep late  too!
What you can't see here is that I outlined the entire edge of the card in brown marker. Well not exactly, you can see one little peek on that on the right side under the edge of the sun. But when I photographed this masterpiece the brown edge just blended right in with the background I was using so it just looked like some weird over sized I don't know what. I still have a lot to learn about photographing cards.
So now that I have explained all that to you,
think I will go start my Saturday.
Make yours great too,
and thanks for visiting.

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