Friday, January 4, 2013

10 Things Friday-or today I have a lot to say

While reviewing my blog for my end of 2012 year in review posts (my 12/30 and 12/31 posts)- I came across this. My 2011-tweaked for 2012- list of want to do items. Interesting to see where I wanted to go and where I ended up. 
Or didn't get to most likely.
And how many things I dreamed I would accomplish.
And did!
Or didn't!

I am always making lists. They keep my focused and organized and help me work towards a goal.
You know that study they did at Harvard in some decade-write it down and you'll make it happen.
That's what I do.
Sometimes I make these little things happen-
because mostly those are my goals-
little things.
I feel like I should have some lofty goal or goals
but I am not a lofty person I guess.
But one thing did happen to me recently, 
as 2012 came to a close,
I realized how content I am.

Without any lofty achievements.
I have lots of achievements though.

A happy marriage.
A family who loves me and who I love.
A good job that makes me happy.
Animals in my life that I enjoy their company.
A sense of independence and a sense of being able to make choices (is there a word for that I just can't think of?)
A beautiful (though unfinished) home
A sense of belonging someplace
A sense of stability
Talents I have been lucky enough to nurture
OK, enough about that.
I think you get the point.

yes, just one
try to stay with this sense of peace and contentment and happiness.
That could be difficult though, since we all know (pardon my cliche) that life throws you curve balls every now and again
I'll pick a word too-but most likely, like last year-
I will forget I did that.
Not that I don't think picking a word a great thing,
but I guess if you do all the things people suggest that becomes your life and not your life.
OK, that probably does not make any sense.
And I don't mean to insult any of you who might really like doing that kind of thing.
But here's my word for 2013.
Goes with my resolution

Anyhow- here is that list I found and thought I would have some FUN and tweak.
Instead of a ten things Friday list this week, I will continue to work on and rework my goal list/bucket list/wish list for next year
2011 2012 
2013WISH list!

*1- Practice my French some more-did it but still want to do more
and even some more-I want fluency but doubt it will happen
*2-Make ice cream and more types of chili
Yup, and is so much fun I want to do it some more
*3-Get my studio clean and organized-did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and always seem to need to do this
*4-Clean out under the cellar stairs and get the junk there organized
maybe this will be the year
*5-Catch up on my reading
ok, but don't think this will ever gappen
6-Knit a WHOLE sweater
*7-Go to the Isles of Shoals
Yes, we took the boat out there last summer. It was interesting
8- Visit the Victoria and Albert Museum in London
9-Learn to use Encaustic Paints
*10-Go for 1 whole month without buying any art supplies
*11-See Death Valley  did it!!!!!!
12-Go to Canada'a Atlantic Provinces
13-Go dancing with my honey
14-Grow pumpkins in my garden
*15-Pick rhubard from my garden and make a strawberry rhubard pie
YES-it did it. And I will hopefully do it again this summer
*16-Watch the entire 2 seasons we have of True Blood in one day -and see Season 3  did it!!!!!!!!
And season 4 too!
17- Go camping again
*18-Finish my summer vacation 2009 scrapbook did it!!!!!
19-Make more textile art-can always do it
20-Do a piece of embroidery
21-Pay off those nagging little credit card balances
22-Get a new Apple computer-don't want one now
*23-Keep a visual journal more regulary
Am doing that!!!!!! Yahoo- this is good
24-Knit an Aran sweater -but did several hats in a fair isle style
25-Knit Norwegian style socks or mittens
26-Exercise more
27- Replant dill in my garden this year
28-take a class about something I am totally unfamilar with
29-reread the other Jane Austin novels I haven't read in decades
*30-be more patient and forgiving with my mom
Still trying
31- find the box of vintage honeymoon emphemera my mom gave me and make a vintage travel book
32-Take a roadtrip all by myself
33-Eat a fried twinky or fried candy bar
34-Go back to the very northern area of NH where I used to vacation as a kid with my family
35-Go to Montreal
36-Drive across the USA
*37-Visit my friends in North Carolina   did this
38-See a hummingbird nest with the eggs in it
*39-Get more stamps in my National Park Passbook-did it and want more for this year
Did this too. Got a lot of stamps in 2012
4*0-Be brave and become a paid artist--did it-with my first craftshow but want to do more
41-Make cool jewelry using all the metal clay pendants I've made
42-Walk to beach more
43-Get into the sunshine more
*44-Take a few more hookey days from work-without the guilt
trying this, so far it has worked out just ok
45-Take one of those DNA tests that tell you where in the world your family roots are from
46-Read a book on my new iPad
47-Swear less
47-Don't waste so much time playing around on the internet
48-Eat more vegitarian
49-Eat at at least 1 restaurant I've wanted to try but haven't yet
did I do this????
5*0-Be a tourist in my home area
did this, and can still do this
51- Watch a sunrise from the top of Cadillac Mountain,Maine
*52-Kayak Merrymeeting Marsh-did kayak the lake in 2012
did it in 2013
53-See the ghost at the Portsmouth Lighthouse when we go by in the boat
*54-Get a new carpet for my bedroom
No a floor. Not in as of today but we have it. This is a BIG goal for early 2013
55-see life with my heart not my head
56-conquer 1 fear
57-wish on a shooting star
*58-add at least 1 new state to my get to all 50 states wish list
in 2012 I added 2 new states
59-do something "not me" just to try it (something I would say no to, just do it)-take advantage of one of those not so sure about opportunities
60-sit in the moonlight and listen to a beautiful song
61-Reread Great Expectations (its still sitting on my night stand)-started it
*62-Have a great veggie garden
Maybe 2013- I started it in 2012, then Dave lost his job and we just got very busy so the garden just stopped being a prioirty
63-keep the piles of books from building up on my coffee table-ha-ha-ha
64-spend lots of time with friends and family
65-call my "old" college friends more frequently
*66- visit my college UMO and get a new t shirt-did the t shirt part
yes, I did this in 2012. Bad hockey game but great to visit
*67-read a few books on my to read list-did it
also in 2012
68-discover more photos to take in my home area
69-eat chocolate and not feel guilty about it
*70-and exercise more since I'll be eating chocolate
1-work on a sense of continual inner peace

2-work on my relationship with my mom
3-keep moving and exercising so I feel good
*4-read more frequently... I've gotten behind this past fall-and I think need to find joy in it again-I get so distracted by the internet and tv and other things
I need to do this. Seems this is on my to do list again this year
5-learn new art skills and try new art projects -work on being a professional artist not an occasional crafter-but accept my time limits and cash flow limits-but I want to do a few more craft shows so I want to get "supplied"
6-accept those things I cannot change and try to accept those things with grace not anger or frustration
7-try not to let the stress of work and other things in life get to me so strongely
working on this and seem to be winning that battle right now at least
8-try some more new recipes and have fun cooking and exploring that craft...
yes, still am doing that
9-find adventure and maybe visit a new state or 2-I wish for Europe or something far and away but don't think it will be happening this year
well, I did go to the Canadian Rockies
I hope to have a few more on the road adventures in 2013
10-finish some cleaning and organizing in my house and my big house project is to rip out my bedroom rug and put down a floor
now to get the other half to help me do these projects!
11-push myself and not get lazy...

12-learn some new things-by being open to some new experiences
13-find my years purpose and goals...I usually let it come to me. This past year my goal was to work on my art and work on my French...which I did well with both...and this year coming up...let me see what finds me.
14-work on my French some more
15-don't let my studio get too messy and out of control since I spent so much time in 2011 getting it in shape
16-Practice patience...
17-Do more of what makes me happy
yes, I did and that is probably part of my feeling of content right now
18- and be around people who help my being (heard this before? )
19-go back and find my eagles
yes, eagles have kind of become my symbol right now-saw tons of them this last year-including the one I almost caught on my fishing line
2-watch old movies
yes, when I am movie mood
and maybe they'll be more...
until later

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