Friday, January 18, 2013

10 Things Friday

I need some unloading right now. Not that things are bad. Not that I am depressed. Not that I am down. I just need to unload a few things, and that is what I am going to do in this post.
I am just a bit whiny and need to complain unload those minor little nagging things in my head.
And also talk about the good things in my life to remind me that I am not really all that miserable. I just need some self talking to to boost up my ego.
It is important for working on my word, contentment.

1- The days are getting longer, I can tell, but man, it is still dark so much of the time. We just haven't had tons of sunny days. I need to get outside and soak up some sunshine.  I won't be doing that with this cold weather though, and it is only going to get colder in the next few days.
2-I am torn. Katie goes back to school this weekend. I don't want her to go but I also do want her to go. I am tired of picking up her dirty dishes all over the house. Of the picky eater when it comes to planning. BUT....I love having her home. Kind of sad her semester is starting and she will be gone more than she will be home.
3-I realized I am just mentally exhausted. Being sick over my holiday vacation- the whole vacation-is not relaxing. You really don't feel rested and ready for the grind when you spend your body is putting all its energy into recooping. What I need to is mental recoop time right now. I need to feel more recharged.
4- BUT, here's my happy reminder-long weekend coming up this weekend. AND it is payday.
5- I can tell I have been in the house a lot lately. I am getting sick of looking at my unfinished bedroom. Then I look at my upstairs bath and say YUK! Guess I have been watching too much Home and Garden TV but I am addicted lately. I don't want to nag the hubby but I do want to nag the hubby because I want my bedroom done. I am sick of the plywood floor from when we ripped up the 35 years old pink sculptured carpet that was in the room (since when we bought the house 23 years ago). WA-WA-WA!
6-But- I am VERY excited about having a trip planned for Feb.  I wish in a way it was Dave and I, but I know he can't go and I am excited it is with my good friend. We'll have a blast, but it will be a different kind of vacation. That is a good thing. Not a but....negative implied thing. As long as there is no big blizzards to throw off my travel dates (I do worry about that.)
7-Next week I should get some more studio time since now I come home from work and hang out with Katie. Next week I will come home and hang out with me. And Monday, she'll be at school and Dave doesn't get the day off and I get the WHOLE day to me.
Wow, that is a thought I haven't had yet and it is fabulous.
8-Katie told me someone told her this week has been like walking through jello. That is it!!!!!! Love that saying. Someone is SO clever.
9- One more week of this quarter at school. I am ready for new students. I will probably moan and groan about day 2 with these kids because for all I know they will be horrible or crazy or insane, but right now I am ready. And glad my intern's 2 solo weeks are over because even though I got a lot of reorganizing and little wish list tasks done, I am bored and I miss teaching.
10-So many sick people right now. The flu is rampant, this horrible cold, another cold...what a time. I stayed home yesterday with a bit of a cold, they day was a good day to catch the cold before it blossomed too much and also to refresh my mind. Just what the doctor called for...if a doctor called for anything. Spent the morning in the studio (once I got up) and then watched a few episodes of Downton Abbey-season 1- what a great show that is! Now I see what everyone is talking about.

And here is someone who LOVES the snow! We  got a couple of fresh inches this past Wednesday!

Don't you want to go bury your face in the snow?
Make it a fabulous day!!!!!

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Denise Mulligan said...

At least it's Friday and the weekend begins! I've got to agree, it's been a rough few weeks. The bitter cold, the flu which I've had since the day after Christmas. I think it all has accumulated into one big snowball of blah.

At least the dog is having fun! Let's hope next week is better.