Saturday, January 26, 2013

A BIG Win!!!!!

If you read this blog on occasions you might have noticed I am a big hockey fan-college hockey-for my Alma mater -the University of Maine. We are really not doing so well this season- 10th out of 10 in Hockey East, way more losses than wins- and last night we played this big powerhouse Boston College. We usually play well against them, and last year we beat them twice at our home rink. This year we can't seem to beat anyone though, so expectations about this game were really LOW. So you can image my surprise when last night we played a crazy wildly fantastic game and  we beat BC!!!!  4-1!!!
So we went on-line and got tickets-for tonight's game which is round 2- Maine at BC.
I am afraid tonight's game won't be as exciting as last nights-and BC will be out for blood-we listened to the on-line audio last night, but we'll be there no matter what happens and it is another venue on my list I can check off.
We shall see.

A card to spread a little sunshine today.  Not 100% crazy about the way I cut out the lemons, but love the sparkley black die cut.
Lemons by Flourishes Rubber Stamps.
That's all today.
Happy Saturday!

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