Sunday, January 27, 2013

Another Big Win!!!

A super size win!
A fun fantastic night!
We're still in shock!
We can hardly believe that we beat BC in their home arena two nights in a row!!! It hasn't been done by any team since we/Maine did it back in 1993.  And here Maine looked so badly in the last 3 games before this weekend and to look so good last night who can believe that!  A 3-1 victory for Maine- and it should have been 3-0 but BC scored one goal in the last 9 seconds. Our goalie deserved a shut out with the way he played.
It is hard to believe. The bottom team in Hockey east beat the top team in Hockey East. Two nights in a row, and big wins, not just lucky wins!
Here's me and the hubby. During the time between periods.
Last night our seats were way up in the nose bleed section.  That's what happens when you buy tickets at 10 pm on the night before a game. But after listening to the game on the audio on Friday night, any seats were worth taking just to be able to see what happened.
And before the game we went to the Publick House- a restaurant in Brookline, Massachusetts not far from BC. This was my dinner. Brookline is a really nice suburb of Boston. This was yummy smashed potatoes and meatloaf-perfect food for a COLD winter night.
And a couple of pints of this delicious beer.
What a GREAT night!
And Friday I got Katie hooked on watching season 1 of Downton Abbey and so this afternoon we are watching
Season 2
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This weekend has ended up being like nothing I thought it would be.
Hope yours has been good too!

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