Monday, January 14, 2013


Today's art is a few snippets from another journal page. 
You probably can't see very clearly but I sprayed some silver glitter spray on can see some little speckles in the light towards the seam of the page.
The background is black gesso, Then I used some bold colored heavy body acrylic paint to paint the flowers. I highlighted each flower with either black Sharpie or white pen.
You can see the sparkles a bit more here-but these photos don't even closely give the real effect.
Maybe you can make it better here.
The words on the page say-
She only blooms at night when no one can see her.
I used a Uniball white pen for the words and all the dots on the page.
There are dimensional yellow dots on the big flower centers-using one of my favorite Viva paint-pens.

So I hope everyone had a great weekend. We were warmer here-in the low 40's- before our Siberian cold arrives- BUT VERY dark and foggy weekend. Good news is a lot of our snow has melted. Think I will be hibernating before the week is over though, once the very cold weather arrives. Not sure how cold- but they are saying this will be air from Siberia, so I can only guess it will be REALLY cold. I am NOT looking forward to that!
So this weekend,  I made some studio time for myself, had lunch with a friend, went out to breakfast Saturday with my hubby and daughter, went for dinner Saturday night before a disastrous hockey game, had my chocolate martini (see yesterday's post). Was busy but ended up being a very good weekend.
And, I have my next trip in the planning.
That is very exciting.
More about that another day.

Thanks for dropping by.
I love it when you visit!

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Anonymous said...

Black gesso is messy to work with, but it does make the best black background. It contrasts so well with bright colors like you used.