Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Go Blue

I was so excited on Sunday from Saturday night's hockey win that I wanted to make a page and add my game ticket to it. So Sunday I made this fun page to document that day.
What I really need to do it keep a scrapbook where I can do a page when I need to to document some event I want to remember. Journal scrapbook type of thing, that is more my style. Might be something I need to do seeing I just got the ideas as I wrote this page.
Let me contemplate that idea for a bit.
You can see my background here.  I started with some gold paint over the gesso-because the loosing team-Boston College-has maroon and gold colors. Maine's colors are blue and white, so I painted some light blue over the gold and did a bit of rubbing to expose a bit of the gold. After all blue overtook the gold.
Then I used a Crafter's Workshop little mosaic stencil and dark blue paint over all of that. I LOVE how the dark blue squares look on the background.
I straight out painted the words with white acrylic paint.
You can really see it on this side where the stenciling is a bit heavier by choice.
I added the ticket and a couple of stickers of our school mascot.  Saving the ticket was my initial plan for that page.
Really happy with this page- even though it is might be more scrap-journal that art journal in a lot of ways.
That's ok since anything goes in an art journal.
So my beef with the weathermen continues. Got up yesterday to discover we were going to get some snow. They said light snow. Then they said 2-4 inches. Yes, 2 inches and less is light snow, but 4 inches is not light snow.
How can something not be in the radar and show up so unexpectedly?
But at least yesterday, with exams and the kids finishing up early, I got home before the snow got heavy, which was OK with me. I also grabbed a burger with a teacher friend Dee who I haven't been able to sit down and talk with for ages. That was nice too, and tried out a new little burger dive near school which was YUMMY!
Not sure about driving this morning, but we are suppose to warm up, finally, later today for at least a couple of days. 
But who can trust those weathermen?
Have a great day.

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