Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Life Starts to Roll Again

Back to work. Back to the routine. Back to business and the comings and goings of day to day life.
Even me being sick- my vacation was wonderful!!
But I will admit, even though getting up this morning was TERRIBLE (it is only 9 degreee F here -brrr-plus who sleeps great the night before work after a vacation??-Katie is also traveling to Ohio and I am being a mom-concerned all is alright as they drive overnight-love that iPhone tracker for her),
 I am OK to have the routine
And boy, Christmas seems like a long time ago to me.
So did everyone have a great New Years?
Went to see the movie Lincoln on New Years Eve and I really really liked it. Then we finished up watching the Batman trilogy (my vacation-the Lord of Rings Trilogy, lots of True Blood and the Batman trilogy).
Inspired me to make a holiday journal page-snippet of it above. I love this set from Dynamics/My Favorite Things. I used it to make the popcorn boxes and the old time movie camera.
Die-namics At the Movies Die & Stamp Set
I also used a small piece of Tim Holtz film strip.
I made this page about a snowy day when Katie and I hung out in front of the tv for hours.
Actually, we did that 2 snowy days and 1 not so snowy day.

 Yesterday we cleaned up the holiday decorations-always sad to do, and so much work, but once done-it feels wonderful. Ready for a new year.
Oh I read a couple of books too in my sickness-
Product Details and Product Details
Going for some fast brainless easy reads right now. Just perfect on this cold winter days when you are not watching tv but a slug on the couch anyhow.

How about a few more snippets from my holiday journal?
 Here's the whole page....
was inspired by the October Afternoon sticky pin I used in the center of the page.
And if we flipped 12 around we get 21.
Notice the circle with the 21 on it? It is a gelli plate design in purple and blues with snowflakes.
I love playing with paint and my gelli plate. I have a 6x6 plate but I would love a bigger one. I see on their web page they now make a 12x14 inch plate. Expensive but would be lots of fun for journal pages. I would like the 8x10 version.
I like how every time you print you get a unique image. And you can create really cool layered images using it.
I also used a sticker on this page of the Abdominal snowman from Rudolph. Found it in my stash and though he'd work here,

So vacation may be over but I am still working on my holiday journal. Need to do a marathon sitting down to finish up- I am all the way up the 12/23. 
Need to do this since I am ready to move onward to some new less holiday art.
Thanks for visiting -have a great day!


Carolyn Dube said...

Your whole post made me smile- your holiday inspired artness is wonderful! I think you captured exactly what I love about the Gelli plate too! The purples and blues have such depth to them on your 21! So glad you joined the party!

Linda said...

fun post- great journal pages-love how your gelli prints turned out!

Corrine at said...

Really great way to use the gelli plate, I love that you can layer again and again and it's always a surprise. Love your use of embellishments to really make your pages pop. xox

Jessica Sporn said...

Hope you're feeling much better! Love your gelli plate purples and blues and also reading about your holiday. Happy to "meet" you at the gelli party!

Gloria said...

I really like all your pages and the mention of where you got different pieces. How did you cut the shape from your Gelli blue & purple page? It is really neat.