Friday, February 15, 2013

10 Things Friday

Or this weeks list- better titled
A Little of This and a Little of That

1) I leave next weekend for my mini-trip to Taos. Can't wait and the excitement is building.
But I want to finish up a few things before I leave, since this break is kind of a change over time.
You know Memorial Day starts summer and Labor Day ends summer, even though in both cases summer is not really ending or beginning. February break is that same kind of thing for me, the end of the winter drudgery and not really the start of spring but the wind down of winter. Fresh beginnings... so to speak.
2) I need to finish up my holiday journal. I am almost there. Just a few more photos. Need to get it done because the holidays are long gone and that spirit is not in me any more. I should have been motivated to do this earlier on, but  alas, I wasn't. And now the push is on.
3) I also have 2 books I am reading that I need to finish-Gone Girl and also book 2 in the Diane Fallon murder mystery series. That was there I can bring a fresh book with me on my travels.
4) Put down my bedroom rugs that I picked up at IKEA a couple of weeks ago. Not a huge job, just something that needs to be done. They'd be down if I didn't need to vacuum first-but I hate carrying the vac upstairs unless I have time to clean the whole floor...otherwise it sits in the hall waiting for me to get it finished...
5) Get my driver's licence renewed. Needs to be done by right after I returned from New Mexico, so I need to stop by the registry and get it done.
6) Finish season 3 of Downton Abbey, since I won't be able to watch any episodes for a week.
7)Use the $20 coupon I got to my favorite craft store that expires on the 28th of this month.
8) But I did do the college Fafsa form for the daughter's college financial aid that needed to be finished by March 1, and I made the vet appointment for the dog since he needs a rabies vaccine by the end of March to get licensed. I do need to take care of a few other items such as those-but they aren't very fun things to do. Still, they feel great once you do get to cross them off your list!
9) I need to put the last few supplies in my mini art box for the trip and I need to find my little bag of paraphernalia and paper I want to pack too. Where in the messy world of my studio did I put it after last summer's vacation?   HMMMM!
10)Lastly, I need to contact my friend whom I am going to visit to find out what I need to pack. Been watching the temperature on my phone weather app, but need to know if I need anything dresser than I need hiking know, what kind of clothes does her plans include.

So you ask why am I showing you these beautiful beach photos?
Dreaming of summer- yes...BUT not exactly why they're are here.
They do look nice though, don't they? Make me want some summer weather and the lazy days that come with it. Oh, I wish this weather was just a few days away.
Anyhow, I am digressing again.
We are thinking about going back to the Outer Banks this summer.
Thinking, but not sure about the whole thing.
I must say I really liked it there a lot.
Will update once we decide.
How about a few more photos from the summer of 2011.

Happy Friday!

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