Friday, February 22, 2013

10 Things Friday

Today, since my mind is really on wrapping up school , packing and getting ready for my trip (and also all the little details that come with traveling like the impending snow that they say will come), thought I would take stock and show you 10 Blogs that I
often stop by. I don't follow all of these, but I like these blogs as of late.

1-Julie Fei-Fan Balzar's blog.
Balzar's Designs
I really like her fun colorful style a lot, and I think she has a really interesting life teaching, making art and living in NYC.
I also took a class with her last summer and she is a great teacher!

2-Dispatch from LA
Written by Mary Ann Moss
I love her dry slightly sarcastic style.
I love traveling with her to far away  and not so far away lands. She also takes great shots of flowers and just life in general.

3-Tall Tales from Kansas
Written by Mary Ann Moss's sister Carol.
I don't know what her last name is.
But she is as witty as her sister. And she has great snippets into her every day life,
which I something I really enjoy.
Here is her link.

4-Getting Stitched on the Farm
This is Kristen Nichol's blog. She is a knitting designer. I love her sense of color. I love reading about farm life in Western Massachusetts.
Even though I never lived on a sheep farm I grew up in Central Massachusetts and there is something comforting and familiar about her life.
She also has an amazing sense of color and her I adore when she does house tours on her blog.

5-How about some fantastic nature photography?
Niebrugge Photograhy
Lately he's been showing photos from a trip to Antartica.
Very cool

6-Suzz's Stamping Spot
She makes some pretty nice cards.

One of my new finds.
The Gentleman Crafter-
A very Talented Texan.

Another photography blog.
photographs of Brattleboro, Vermont

9-My Life in Collage
Fun colors, cool layouts, lots of products

10-For some yummy recipes I go to
Whisk Kid
She has some great recipes and a a great page. Her
food photos are super too.

Now I check out a lot of blogs-these are just a few I have been liking.
I also love to check out Tim Holtz, Dina Wakely, Jenni Bowlin- along with some other BIG names. You probably already check them out.
Also check out My Messy Life, Paul Murray, Green Frog Studio, Anita Houston, October Afternoon, Harvest Moon, Judy Wise, A Colorful Journey, A Penny for your Thoughts (Penny, where have you been?) and Bangor Daily Photos.
And a bunch other blogs.
The reality is there is so many good ones out there!
I will one day do another post with a few other of my favorites.
If you're like me, you kind of go through  phases of how much you look at blogs and what blogs tickle your fancy. Being winter, dark and cold, I think I have been reading blogs a lot lately, probably too much.
That's all for today.
Happy Friday and thanks for visiting.

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